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Farafenni’s Only Business Empire Has Stretched It’s Incompatible Wings Once More As The Country’s Commerce Sector Is Expected To Boom In The Near Future….
Supermarket, Farafenni’s leading household business establishment is no unfamiliar name in our vicinity and has over the years helped and continue to help make life easier for Farafennians by making goods and services deliveries available at our door steps. Their lent of service in the rainbow city (Farafenni) can take us far back into history precisely since during the stone ages…
Unlike normal businesses, in Paradise Supermarket every employee is an employer. They assist and recruit young entrepreneurs with practical experiences coupled with the everyday routine and the admirable courteousness that continues to engulf their business environment. Today makes yet another milestone in the development of buying and selling of goods in The Gambia and Senegal at large. The most anticipated opening ceremony of all times was due few hours ago yesterday, 04.08.17 and successfully carried out.
Several dignitaries including the word councilor Modou Lamin Jagne, Farafenni Market Manager, Mr Lamin Danpha, The Imam Ratib Of Farafenni and Customers, Family and Friends all graced this historic occasion. The new multipurpose Supermarket is said to be of developed nations’ standards and thus, these claims qualified it to be number one across that side of the country’s border with Senegal.
investment will undoubtedly create more employment and ease the burden of demand on special stuffs that acquire strong electricity back up. Market in Farafenni has witnessed some challenging economic conflicts during the brutal military regime. This has led to lost of many jobs and remarkable fiscal constraints and sky rocketing inflationary pressures that the average Gambians has no solutions to but to succumb to.
the cosmopolitan town has also undergone significant transformations and healthy competitions in the private sector between Gambian and foreign investors. But the unique Babou Family has always emerged profitable and managed to survive generations of operation in the only and true Senegambian settlement of Farafenni.

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